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Stanford CS106A Assignment 3: Breakout!

Course: Stanford’s CS106A: Programming Methodology

Assignment 3: Breakout!

Assignment 3 is distributed on lecture 10.

This assignment asks you to create an implementation of Breakout.

You can demo breakout here, some browsers will fail to run it, more on that as I get more familiar with java applets.

My implementation ended up having quite terrible mechanics in it, ie. collisions are sometimes causing incorrect behaviour.

Breakout.java (view | download)

A way I thought of possibly fixing this mess is by leveraging a higher resolution grid in-game (ie. in the background) compared to what I actually display to the user, something like an order of 10 scale over the ‘displayed’ pixel resolutions would probably fix those bad collisions… All that, for later, if I revisit this game later on.

P.S. The staff implementation of this assignment has similarly quirky mechanics. So I don’t feel too bad about leaving it there! 😉