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CS106A Assignment 6: NameSurfer. Baby name popularity by Decade.

Course: Stanford’s CS106A: Programming Methodology

Assignment 6: NameSurfer

Assignment 6 is distributed on lecture 22.

For this assignment you get to use HashMaps as a database and turn raw data into a graph.

NameSurfer.java (view | download)
NameSurferDataBase.java (view | download)
NameSurferEntry.java (view | download)
NameSurferGraph.java (view | download)
NameSurferConstants.java (view | download) — unmodified

Get names-data.txt from the assignment’s distribution .zip

Note: Use the acm library that comes with the assignment, or you’ll have hickups; ie: the text fields don’t work with the latest (~2006) version of the acm library.