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CS106A Assignment 7: FacePamphlet. A social network implementation.

Course: Stanford’s CS106A: Programming Methodology

Assignment 7: FacePamphlet

Assignment 7 is distributed on lecture 25.

The specification .pdf for assignment 7 is 28 pages long, but don’t let that scare you! It is just very detailed.

The assignment is actually pretty easy to do. It is just the culmination of everything learned on all previous assignments.

FacePamphlet.java (view | download)
FacePamphletCanvas.java (view | download)
FacePamphletDatabase.java (view | download)
FacePamphletProfile.java (view | download)
FacePamphletConstnats.java (view | download) — Unmodified

Note: Use the acm library that comes with the assignment, or you’ll have hickups; ie: the text fields don’t work with the latest (~2006) version of the acm library.

Total time it took was ~6 hours. I did not implement any of the ‘extensions’.