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Stanford’s Coursera’s* Software Engineering for Software as a Service online class has started!

The old link now redirects to Coursera, an umbrella under which all these courses will apparently move under. There was a momentary confusion of my login not working, which apparently was because of their move; I had signed up on the old website and the new one did not maintain those login/passwords, (my email wasn’t ‘known’ to Coursera’s forgot password system) so I just made a new one.

The first 10 short video clips are up including those quirky Q&A dialogues embedded in them. Slides in pdf/ppt are also available for download.

The available clips today are still introductory, with a touch of theory (SaaS, SOA..).

The most interesting thing so far is actually anecdotal. Mentioned in one of the videos and in a discussion thread in the forum, relating to this post by a Google employee last year, around the different architectural approaches of Google and Amazon.

(*) I don’t know the reason for moving into the Coursera platform. If for nothing else it’d help alleviate the administrative overhead of having a dozen+ different locations for the courses. But I suspect there were other reasons. Some of the other courses I had signed up with have delayed their premiere for legal reasons.

A new (I’m pretty surecourse appeared since my last visit in the Coursera site: ‘Model Thinking‘.