This is a place to write about…

  • OpenCourseWare (OCW) also known as Open Educational Resources (OER).
  • programming in C (C-fu)
  • programming in Java (Java-fu)
  • scripting in Perl (Perl-fu)
  • scripting in PHP (PHP-fu)
  • SQL Queries (SQL-fu)
    • Especially those few complicated Queries from Hell that make you wanna pull your hair out!
  • juggling CSS, HTML, Javascript (CSS-fuJavascript-fu, HTML-fu)
    • Their continuous evolution, and the constant struggle to catch up! … How their combination is an art — And how I can barely draw stick-figures with it! 😛
  • all those little projects I do in Perl/PHP/SQL/C/C++/Java/etc.
  • Share and discuss code.



5 thoughts on “About-fu”

  1. Just wanted to say thanks for posting all this. Im taking CS50 via OCW. This is a great reference for when I get stuck on hacker editions. Im just starting to learn C so this is very useful. Thanks again.

  2. shahab said:

    I also want to say a big thank you for your solutions to CS61B’s labs and homeworks, they are a great help.

  3. elitegamers911 said:

    I’m following your blog, Its inspiring, I’m currently taking CS50 at edx

  4. JFYI: Any kind of code sharing is forbidden by Harvard policy.
    Use your brains instead of ready to use solutions if you wanna learn something.

  5. Hello,

    It seems that a lot of links are down…
    Any solution?
    I could permanently host them if it helps 🙂

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